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  • By completing our online booking form, emailing or booking via phone with a Strippers R Us representative means you are bound to our conditions of booking.
  • You must not have a booking in place with another agency at time of booking for the same job.
  • Cancellation fee of $100.00 per dancer or promo model applies to all bookings.
  • Non-refundable deposit or cancellation fee of $250 is required for all revue shows booked.
  • Cancellation fees can be avoided if job is re-booked within 2 weeks.
  • A deposit is required for every job and is non-refundable unless postponed within 2 weeks.
  • Full amount or the balance is required in cash on the night to the dancer on arrival before show starts.
  • Please be contactable on mobile around the time you have booked for as the dancer will most likely phone or text on arrival.
  • All animals must be put away before dancer arrives.
  • Travel outside of our designated areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch will incur travel costs.
  • Surcharge of $50 in Christchurch and Wellington applies for a chaperone.
  • A loud working CD player must be provided and ready to go at the booked time of the dancer. If you do not have a suitable sound system Strippers R Us can supply one for $25.00 please ask at time of booking.
  • Suitable performance area must be provided e.g. wooden or carpeted floor, Strippers R Us can supply a mat or similar for $5.00 please ask at time of booking.
  • The lighting in the performance area must be dimmed or selected lights turned off for better ambiance in the room. Fluorescent lights are un-suitable.
  • Please prepare the recipient by sitting them in a sturdy armless chair (if possible) with guests standing or sitting back at least 3 metres.
  • To ensure a good performance the dancer needs a level and solid floor and plenty of room.
  • Dressing room needs to be provided for the dancers to change which is private, clean and safe with a mirror and toilet nearby. A bathroom or spare room is suitable.
  • We have a no photos policy this means no video, cell phone, still cameras or otherwise while our dancer is performing. If we find anyone taking photos/video the person responsible will be asked to leave the venue until the dancer is finished. If you wish to have a photo of our dancer and the guest of honor or group, please ask your dancer on arrival which they will decide at their discretion.
  • Upgrade of shows on the night is fine depending on whether that dancer provides the show you require, this must be cleared with the manager and an additional cost is payable.
  • Do not offer our staff drugs of any kind including party pills.
  • Do not proposition any of our staff as they are not escorts and do not do ‘extras’. We highly recommend the services from Femme Fatale should you want this type of service.
  • All bookings must be for a minimum of 3 guests. We can do one on one’s but you must advise at time of booking and there is surcharge for this service – all our other conditions still apply.
  • Touching is not acceptable unless invited to by the dancer.
  • Any violent, offensive or abusive language towards our dancers is un-acceptable, your show will be cut short or terminated should our dancers feel unsafe or threatened.

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